Introductory Class

At TMAA we know that starting any new, group-based fitness activity can be a daunting prospect. Our introductory class is designed to make you feel at home in our karate school (called a dojo) and give you a preview of what you can expect in a normal class.

Taught by certified instructors with the rank of black belt, our introductory class will give you free preview of:

  • our facility and classrooms

  • class format and expectations

  • basic karate techniques and exercises

  • application of karate techniques for self defense

This introductory class also provides you and your family with special discounts if you choose to join our school.

Most of our students attend two classes per week--however, your membership allows you to attend as many base classes as you would like (we offer some specialized classes each week that are not included in the base membership fee). Our classes have well structured and clearly communicated curriculum that vary in intensity and difficulty based on the experience level of the student(s) and level of the class. Our instructors also work with our students to provide personalized feedback and experiences so that students of any age (four and up) with any level of physical fitness can be successful.

If you have more questions, check out our FAQ page! You can also read more about our specific class offerings here on our website.

We are excited to have you begin your karate journey with TMAA!

Upcoming Classes

What should I bring?

You will be physically active during your Karate 101 class. Wear something you can move comfortably in (e.g. yoga pants and a t-shirt, shorts and a tank-top, etc.).

All of our martial arts classes are conducted barefoot while on the mats, so you do not need any special foot wear.

We recommend bringing a water bottle!