Martial arts tournaments are held the world over. TMAA has a special class and team for tournament participation. In these classes, our instructors will work with students to learn appropriate tournament kata, practice sparring, and prep for the rules of competition.

Not all students are interested in participating in tournaments, and it is not a requirement of the TMAA dojo for them to do so. However it is a great experience and an incredible opportunity to receive feedback from judges that might not normally see you perform.

Tournaments typically have events separated by:

  • Age, Rank, and sometimes Gender

  • Activities including:

    • Kata

    • Kumite (sparring, not full contact)

    • Kobudo (weapons)

Often times tournaments have associated seminars, but not always. Most tournaments have additional registration costs and requirements to participate. Check the registration details for the tournament prior to showing up! We also ask that TMAA students coordinate tournament materials with an instructor prior participating (as not all in-class materials are appropriate to be performed at a tournament).

TMAA’s Annual Tournament:
The Franco Cup

TMAA sponsors a tournament every year in the spring. Originally called the Columbia Basin Shudokan Classic, it was renamed to the Franco Cup after the untimely death of Sensei John Franco Sr. The Franco Cup is held at a local Tri-Cities high school and is run based on modified AAU Karate rules.

Upcoming Tournaments