Teen (Ages 13+) and Adult

Our teen / adult program focuses on the application of Traditional Okinawan Karate in a safe and structured environment. Certified black belt instructors not only teach students techniques and forms (kata), but how to apply them for self defense.

At the conclusion of each quarter, eligible students may participate in a belt test to advance to the next rank.

Required Equipment for White Belt:

  • Uniform (Gi)

  • Belt

  • Mouth Guard

Required Equipment for Yellow Belt:

  • Helmet with Face Shield

  • Gloves

Required Equipment for Orange Belt:

  • Shin Guards

  • Instep Guards

Required Equipment for Green Belt:

  • Heavyweight Uniform (Gi)

  • Weapon**

Recommended Equipment:

  • Gym Bag

  • Water Bottle

  • Athletic Protector / Cup (for male students)

Equipment may be purchased at either of our dojo locations.

** All TMAA students are required to purchase and learn a weapon in order to test for Brown Belt (this is typically done during the Green Belt rank, however any teen or adult student above the rank of White Belt may inquire about taking a weapons class at the dojo).

There is an additional quarterly charge for weapons classes.