Youth (Ages 7-12)

At age 7, we believe that youth are old enough to begin learning Traditional Okinawan Karate without watering it down (as opposed to younger students). Our focus for our youth continues to be creating a positive, fun, and exciting classroom experience. The youth curriculum however is very similar to that of our older teen and adult classes, albeit with reduced physical requirements. Our emphasis on focus, body control, and mental discipline, help us develop well-rounded students, ready to face life’s challenges.

Youth have their own class times at both of our dojo locations. As students grow (both in their karate rank and age) they will eventually join more advanced classes with adults (usually at the Green Belt rank).

Each class is taught by a certified black belt instructor whose focus is to make students feel comfortable working along side wonderful students that are focused on common goals. At the conclusion of each quarter, eligible students may participate in a belt test to advance to the next rank.

Required Equipment for White Belt:

  • Uniform (Gi)

  • Belt

  • Mouth Guard

Required Equipment for Yellow Belt:

  • Helmet with Face Shield

  • Gloves

Required Equipment for Orange Belt:

  • Shin Guards

  • Instep Guards

Required Equipment for Green Belt:

  • Heavyweight Uniform (Gi)

  • Weapon**

Recommended Equipment:

  • Gym Bag

  • Water Bottle

  • Athletic Protector / Cup (for male students)

Equipment may be purchased at either of our dojo locations.

** All TMAA students are required to purchase and learn a weapon in order to test for Brown Belt (this is typically done during the Green Belt rank, however any teen or adult student above the rank of White Belt may inquire about taking a weapons class at the dojo).

There is an additional quarterly charge for weapons classes.