Weapons Class

All TMAA students are required to learn a weapon (kobudo) in order to test for Brown Belt (this is typically done during the Green Belt rank, however any student ranked Yellow Belt or higher may inquire about taking a weapons class at the dojo).

Each quarter, a certified black belt instructor teaches a different weapon, including a form (kata) and application for self defense (bunkai). Quarterly weapons rotate between the four traditional Okinawan weapons including:

Bo (Kun)


Oar (Eku)




Additional weapons are taught at seminars and via special events/classes.

Typically, the weapon to be taught during a particular quarter is announced at the previous quarter’s awards ceremony. Inquire at the dojo for the quarter’s weapons offering!

There is an additional quarterly charge for weapons classes.

Requirements for Weapons Class:

  • Weapon

  • Teen / Adult (unless special permission granted by instructor)

  • Yellow Belt or higher rank (unless special permission granted by instructor)

Note that the dojo does have weapons to loan students during class, but each student is responsible for purchasing his/her own weapon.