Each quarter, our school provides a structured curriculum for our students. This curriculum will vary depending on the age group and rank of the class.

Throughout the quarter, we will offer several checkpoints. These quizzes will test each student’s ability to perform the material that has been taught during that section of the quarter. Students are awarded a colored strip for their belt if they pass.

At the conclusion of each quarter, eligible students* are offered the opportunity to test. A belt test represents the culmination of everything a student has learned during the last quarter.

Students who pass their tests will be awarded their new belt and signed certificate at the end of quarter awards ceremony. Students who advance in rank may need to purchase additional equipment and/or attend a new class.  Please check the schedule of classes to ensure that you know about our current offerings and requirements for the next rank!

*See testing policy below

BW Ashton and Iain

Upcoming Tests

What can I expect at my best test?

Most end of quarter belt tests are open to family and friends of the students up for promotion. Notable exceptions to this are the Green Belt with Black stripe students going for Brown Belt, and Ichi Ku students going for Black Belt.

During a test, students will be closely examined by black belts. Students will perform the materials they have learned during the quarter for the instructors and are graded on their performance. If the student meets all of the necessary testing criteria for his/her materials, he/she will be advanced to the next rank.

Adult, Teen, and Youth Tests

Each test begins with basic techniques (punches, kicks, stances). The rest of the test will vary based on belt level, but usually includes the execution of one or more kata, one or more elbow techniques, bunkai, and sparring. High ranking students are also expected to execute much of the test based on Japanese commands and pass a fitness evaluation.


Lil Dragons Tests

As with all Lil Dragons classes, we scale the test and its criteria to be age appropriate. Students will perform basics and participate in various stations around the room (similar to their usual class experience).


Testing Policy

Students are eligible to test each quarter if they have:

  • Attended at least 18 hours of in-dojo classes (excludes special classes)

  • Received all of their stripes for the quarter prior to the beginning of the test

  • Paid quarterly membership dues

  • Paid their testing fee prior to the test date.

Testing dates are announced at the beginning of each quarter (via our quarterly curriculum). While we do offer makeup exams, students must request a make up exam by the end of the first month of the quarter.