5 Reasons Your Kids Will Love Karate

Halfway through May, and we are rapidly approaching the end of the 2018-2019 school year! With only a few weeks left on the calendar for Tri-Cities schools, it’s not too late to make summer plans for your kids. Hopefully, it will be a fun summer for the whole family, and why not make karate part of that fun?

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Here are 5 reasons your kid(s) should give karate a try!

1. Get Out of the House!
We all know that summer vacation is one of the most exciting times for many kids (because hey, they don’t have to go to school)! But at the same time, many kids experience isolation and struggle with the shift in pace from “all school all the time” to their summer routines. Karate is a great addition to any summer schedule. Most of our offerings are two, one hour classes a week (but we have some special summer classes as well that go throughout the day). It’s not a big time commitment, but it’s enough to get out, be active, and learn something new!

2. Karate is NOT a Team Sport
With team sports come great responsibility and scheduling. Not all kids enjoy team sports (and not all parents can keep up with their rigorous schedules). Karate is a collaborative sport for sure, but our classes are about the individual journey that your child is taking and the growth that he/she/they need(s). There are no tryouts and you don’t have to worry about your kid “making the team.”

3. Something Old AND New
Did you know Karate has been around for centuries? It (and many other martial arts) are integral parts of cultures all over the world. Our team of instructors works hard to make traditional Okinawan Karate applicable to modern day situations and adapt material in a way that is fun and exciting for kids (not to mention, applicable for safety, stranger danger, and self-defense).

“(I am training) To get strong and to learn how to protect my family, friends, and myself.” Priscilla, 7 Years Old

4. Boost the Self-Confidence
Everyone needs a little boost to their self-confidence every now and again. There is nothing quite like seeing the look on a kid’s face after they break their first board, or when they receive their next belt. Karate teaches kids to set goals and not only achieve them, but exceed them.

“..When we started karate we were just trying to engage in a semi-social, physical activity. Little did we know that we would find a community that would help my boys develop patience, diligence, focus, dedication, determination, courage, and a work ethic. My boys have found a home with TMAA where there are accepted for who they are and are trained to be better people and developed into leaders.” - Will , Parent at TMAA

5. Fun for the Whole Family
Karate isn’t just for kids. It teaches discipline, improves flexibility, builds character, and improves both concentration and memory for everyone involved. Many of our students train with their siblings, parents, children, or even friends! We even have a grandma who just got her black belt and trains with her granddaughter!

“Our family has grown closer by being a part of this family. By starting my karate journey 2 ½ years ago, I have show the kids I am ready to be.humbled when I make mistakes, that you’re never to old to learn, and each person is worth investing in. I’m worth fighting for. I’m worth the effort it takes to get stronger!” - Alison, Parent and Student